Our Story

Since 1930

onwer of Awesome Sneakers Shop
onwer of Awesome Sneakers Shop

Hong Kong is one of the most distinctive metropolises in the world combined with styles of British colony and Traditional Chinese. In terms of craftsmanship for exterior appearance and interior design of many buildings, they were not only affected by the technology available but also the aesthetic concerns at the time of construction.

People in Hong Kong were deeply inspired by this mixed, adaptive design that so called as Colonial Style, which had been mostly presented particularly in local architecture.  Some western styles of building constructions were clearly reflected, such as Neo-classicism, Modernism and Bauhaus design, etc. Since 1930, wallpaper had also been introduced as a way of decoration for interior spaces.

In the 19th century, for example, some important corporate and institutional buildings, hotels and even residential houses were built in a colonial style influenced by western aesthetics.

Since 1960

During the rapid growth of economic in 1960s-70s, people started having a better standard and more advanced way of living. A more luxurious way of presentation no matter in their fashion wear or home interior was commonly found.

Waly History

In 1987, being the pioneer in the wall covering history, Waly Interior Products Ltd was established.  She was the largest wall covering retail company in Hong Kong during the 90's.  Same as Hong Kong's history, she turned into a new page after 1997.  Since, New Waly Interior Products (HK) Ltd was formed and focused on the Hotel/Commercial Projects in Mainland, Macau and Hong Kong to catch with the faster growth in these areas. Following the trend of building material industry, nowadays, New Waly extends her business scopes to Carpet, Ceramic and Fabrics, proving a "One-stop" Solution for all architecture and interior design firms.

Fashion Interior

Today, people like to boldly present their living style in terms of their choice of furniture, colour and design of walls and use of wall covering, as well as curtains, cushions and even a piece of kitchen towels.  These are all reflecting, in a certain extend, the preference of one's taste and style.  Most importantly, it reveals that the trend of living is no more decided solely by the mainstream designers, but by individual customers themselves.

Our Generation

Sharing is what the existing generation likes to do. People like to share through social media about what they like. Nowadays, gatherings at homes are also a way of sharing between friends. Style and taste of living are also shared at these moments of gatherings. Decorations of homes and styles of furniture, as important as presenting one’s identity, has become a value to many people. Similar to choosing the wall covering, it becomes a way of letting others know one person more about his/her character, as well as their living style and design preference, simultaneously.